Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mid-Year Check In

Back in January I announced my goal of doubling my sales from last year, which means selling an average of four items a week to reach 205 sales by the end of the year.  I stopped giving weekly updates, but I thought I'd check in now at the half-year point (almost) to let you know how I'm doing.

I'm proud to report that I am on track to reach my goal!  So far I have made 77 sales, which comes to an average of 2.96 sales a week.  Why am I saying that I'm on track even though I'm down about 25 sales?  Because I would estimate at least a third of my sales for the year all happen in November and December.  I think the fact that I am already at almost 40% of my goal by the end of June is amazing!  I have no doubt that I will reach 205 sales at this point.  (Looks like I'm going to have to buy more envelopes!)

Also, in case you are interested, I'm getting an average of 144 views and 11 hearts per week.  (That doesn't include views or hearts brought in my my etsy search ads... for some reason etsy tracks those separately and I just ignore them because I don't want to do the math).

So far, my most popular selling items are still both sets of my knitting buttons, making up 78% of my sales (represented by the blue and mint green portions of the pie chart below):

And because I love graphs, here is a bar graph of how many units I have sold:

That is 30 sets of knitting buttons, 28 sets of more knitting buttons, 6 sets of crochet buttons, 4 sets of knitting magnets, 3 sets of quilting buttons, 2 sets of more knitting magnets, and 5 sets of various wine charms.

What does this analysis tell me?  Well, whatever I'm doing with the knitting buttons, I'm doing it right. So, now I need to focus on moving my other products.  I'm especially disappointed that I haven't sold a single set of my crafty buttons.  I think they are so freakin' cute!  Time to brainstorm ideas for how to boost sales of the rest of my products.  I'd love to see an explosion of sales for all the products this holiday season!  Wouldn't that be wonderful?

p.s. the charts are brought to you courtesy of Stitch Labs, which is an awesome way to track your orders, inventory, customers, profits, expenses, you name it!  They used to offer both free and premium accounts, but now they only offer premium accounts.  However, I was grandfathered in with my free account.  I think the paid accounts are a bit cost-prohibitive for a small etsy shop, but if you are a big etsy shop, I highly recommend it!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Frequently Bought Together" Items on Your Etsy Listings

Whoah!  I just looked at my etsy shop without being logged in to my account and I noticed a neat new feature!  At the bottom of the listing there is a little section that highlights items that are frequently bought together and invites your customers to add both items to their cart at once.  Pretty spiffy!  I've been reading about this in the forums and I can't quite pinpoint how long this has been around, but it seems to be a fairly recent addition, like since March.

I can't find a lot of information on it, but here is how I think it works.  If you have sold the item in the listing with another item in your shop, they will show up as "frequently bought together" (even if it's only happened once, I imagine).

I really like this idea and I hope it will lead to greater sales.  A lot of the items in my shop complement each other and this is a great way to get customers to drop them both in their carts with one click.

Here is a close-up.....
On the other hand, I have a listing in my shop that I have never sold before and the FBT prompt does not show up at the bottom of the screen, because it has never been bought together with any item.  Instead,  the old "related items in this shop" picture is there: