Thursday, September 4, 2014

Made With Love: Labeling Your Handmade Products

Do you know what makes a handmade product even more awesome?  Cool packaging that sets it apart from its commercially made counterparts.  One of the reasons why people are shopping on etsy is because they value handmade objects and if you don't mark your product as such, you may be missing out on a great branding opportunity.

How and why you should be labeling your products as handmade.

In my own etsy shop, I use "made with love" as my label.  For example, when I sell wine markers, I tie a little "made with love" charm to the bag.  This is a super cute and super cost effective way to remind the buyer that they are getting something that was made by hand, not in a factory.

I bought the charms above at the craft store, or you can get similar ones on etsy, including these cute antique bronze "handmade" charms (only $1.50 for 50 charms!).  I used my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine to print and cut the kraft tags on the package above, but you can easily buy your own tags on etsy and use one of these cute stamps to put your own handmade message on it:

There are lots of other clever ways to brand your products as handmade.  When I package my buttons, I put them in a little glassine bag and seal with with "made with love" washi tape.  Have you ever thought of using a wax seal?  What about some stickers that you can print up at home for some instant labeling gratification?  (Or how about FREE printable labels??)  Do you want to DIY your own fabric labels for sewn items? (Or buy some really nice custom ones!)

You're a creative person - so use that creativity to come up with a clever packaging concept showing off a key element of your creation: that's YOU, the maker.

Do you label your products as handmade?  (feel free to leave a link to an item in your shop showing off your packaging!)

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