Hi, my name is Pepper and I own a little etsy shop called Buttons and Things where I sell pinback buttons and other gifts for creative people.  I'm on a mission to turn my little etsy shop into my BIG etsy shop and I am inviting you to join me along the way!

A little about me...  I am originally from Utah, but now I live in Boston, Massachusetts.  I am an avid knitter, wine lover and cat fancier, and, of course, I love making buttons and various other creations.  I would tell you about my day job, but I don't want to bore you to death... needless to say, I would rather be making money by doing something I love.  Isn't that the dream of every etsy seller?

I hope you enjoy reading this blog.  My goal is to teach you about what I am learning and to show you how it is (or isn't) working to boost my etsy sales.  If I say something that resonates with you, I'd love it if you leave a comment.  Not only would it be nice to know that someone is actually reading what I say, but I'd also love for this blog to become a community of little etsy sellers all working toward the same goal of making our little shops into big successes!