Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Discouraging Thoughts.... Turned Upside Down!

It's been six days since I have made a sale and I'm starting to feel a little discouraged.  I know I shouldn't feel discouraged, but it is hard not to be sometimes, isn't it?  I've had dry spells before.  Last year I went three months without making a sale, so I really shouldn't be fussing over six days.  I think I've just spent so much time thinking about my shop this week that I've become a little hyper-aware of my stats.  I just need to calm down and remember...

So let's take a deep breath and turn those discouraging thoughts upside down!  The truth is, other than sales, my stats are actually looking pretty good.  In the past six days I have had 353 views and 23 favorites!  In the previous six days, although I had more sales, I only had 198 views and 15 favorites.  So, at least MORE people are looking at my items.  Now I just need to convert those views to sales!  And the best part is, I have a plan to do just that!  The immediate plan involves updating my listing photos and tweaking my item descriptions.... I also have an even better GRAND PLAN, but I'm not quite ready to put that into motion yet for various secret reasons that will soon be revealed. :)

Does focusing on your stats ever make you feel discouraged?  Does it help to look at the stats from a different perspective, like I did here?  I hope so!

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  1. Looking great! Sure, you get the urge to compare yourself to others, but what's important is to focus on what really matters. You're doing fine for a newly-opened store, and while you can do better, you still have a lot of reasons to celebrate. And don't beat yourself up on those areas for improvement. Just remember that working on your store consistently needs some time and effort.

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