Monday, January 7, 2013

Week One: Six Sales

It's one week into the new beginning for my etsy shop and I have had four orders already, selling six sets of buttons.  If I want to reach my goal of having 205 sales this year, I need to make roughly four sales a week, so I'm on track!

The "More Knitting Buttons" were my big seller this week.  And the cherry on top is that I recognize one of the names as a repeat customer from December!  My guess is that she bought the knitting buttons last month, loved them, and came back for "more."  In the past I haven't really tracked return customers, but I'm going to start from now on.  In fact, when I shipped out the orders this week, I included a little note in each package offering a 10% discount on their next purchase.  I hope I see more familiar faces this year.

This week I ran search ads on etsy for both sets of knitting buttons, as usual.  And according to etsy, this resulted in two of the orders.  I am also running an ad on Ravelry and I have had 34 people click through from that ad, after about 9,300 impressions.

I also added two new products this week: I converted both sets of my knitting buttons into magnet sets (Knitting Magnets and More Knitting Magnets).  No sales on these so far, but the first set of magnets were my most popularly viewed item this week with 70 views and 2 hearts.

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