Monday, January 14, 2013

Fear of Rejection

I did it.  For the first time, I asked my a customer to sign up for my mailing list.  This is something I have avoided doing it because it's scary to try to build a mailing list.  Why?  Because you have to ask for people's permission to contact them... and they might say no.

So, I asked.  And what happened?  She didn't sign up.  There you go:  I got rejected.  But, hey! The worst happened, and I survived.  From now on I'm going to ask every new customer for permission to add them to my email list.  Eventually one of them has to say yes, right??  Besides....

BTW, I'm using Mail Chimp to manage my direct email campaign.  More on that later.  But, in the meantime, go ahead and take a look at this beautiful newsletter I sent out to my mailing list...  even though I'm currently the only one on it....

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